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a while ago but I didn't see anything about on the board so --- RIP, Bob

Larry Knuth's website:

Coach Bob Chambers Memorial Tribute…LA Pierce no longer fields a track and field program, but the legacy that Coach Bob Chambers left is special in CCC history. Chambers, a 1948 Olympian and former USC 880y star, died in December of 2010. Chamber’s athletes broke a handful of NJCRs, but his Pierce mile and two-mile relay teams will be what CC old-timers remember best. Pierce impressively won three consecutive state mile relay titles (1966-68). At the end of the 1968 season Chamber’s two-mile relay team had four of the top seven all-time JC times in the event including the NJCR mark of 7:29.4 (the closest opponent time was 10 seconds slower!). At the end of the 1967 season Pierce held the top five all-time mile relay marks with a 3:10.1 NJCR, and no time slower than 3:12 (and, remember, this was the dirt track era). In addition, Coach Chambers 1966 Brahma cross country team won the state title.
In addition Coach Chambers had a hand (with former Bakersfield Coach Bob Covey) in devising the lane seeding formula that set a standard. Covey remembers how the seeding formula plan came about. “ In 1967 and 1968, some of us coaches were asking the question: "Why don't we construct a lane assignment formula for the So Cal Championships. At that time, I knew that we could go to a So Cal or State Meet and find the best athlete in an unfavorable lane. Whether lanes were drawn by lot or the Meet Director just decided the "draw", which was what they were said to be, there was no set way to predict from championship meet to championship meet what lane assignments athletes and relays teams would find themselves.

“In 1969, I asked So Cal Rules Committee Chairman Ed Conly (Citrus) about working on such a formula, and after much discussion in committee, he asked Bob Chambers (LA Pierce) and me to work on such a formula. We did and in the fall meeting presented it to the So Cal Track & Field Rules Committee and it was adopted as a trial for the 1970 So Cal Championships.

“The State Meet adopted a similar formula a year later, as I recall. At that time, the Olympic Games and the NCAA Championships still had no organized lane assignment formulas that we were aware of. I think our formula may have been the first such formula adopted for use at the championship meet level.

“Over the years, our formula was tweaked and a formula was added for the field events. I believe the So Cal Rules Committee should be proud to be a pioneer in the world of Track and Field. “
Bob Chambers “other life” was as a LA County/LA City Lifeguard for over 40 years. He was held in high esteem by his colleagues who remembered Chambers with a special memorial service on the beach after his ashes were scattered in the ocean. RIP Coach Chambers, you left a lasting legacy.