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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzcyclist View Post
    Only in Louisiana would a politician who is in the midst of a hotly contested Senate race pull a stunt like this, and it will probably win her some votes.

    There's a photo in the following link.

    Very tame stuff!
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    Now, if Landreau had done a handstand.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by lonewolf View Post
    Now, if Landreau had has done a handstand.....
    MADD mothers would go ape shit.
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    This should be used in a PSA to discourage drug use.

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    from an IP that never sent jazz that PM, never !
    Quote Originally Posted by Flumpy View Post
    Graduated from Oxford aged 2??? That's amazing :P

    A friend of mine just found himself a father at 22. His girlfriend had no idea she was pregnant until she went to the doctor with stomach pains only to find out she was 8 and a half months pregnant. Had a baby boy 2 weeks later.

    YIKES!!! :shock:
    I'm going to guess that the lovely bride was not 102lbs before the pregnancy.
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    Not quite man bites dog but . . . . . .

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