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    Several yrs ago our state was host to a regional (USATF youth) championship. Long story short was that several of the so called 'leaders' in the state organization absconded with many thousands $$ of dollars from that event. Known by many and it became the white elephant in the room. Rather than have that go back into program development it lined the pockets of a few. Of course attempts to bring it to light - the messenger was shot.

    Just an example of how we often shoot ourselves in the foot when trying to advance the sport. I found in fighting to be the bane of most efforts to rise above the 'norm'.

    Side note - I talked to a national youth leader who sighed that our state was well known amongst the national people for "mismanagement".

    Not saying all situations are this discouraging but a representation of the challenge. I think the youth programs have great promise, but seems like many holes in the infrastructure. No t sure what the answer is other than those driving the cars have disparate destinations.

    Okay I'm done
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    Okay, just read: Ryan Crouser: WYL, USR 70-08.50 w/11 lb. shot

    11 lb shot? Why on earth would they do that? That's just silliness.

    Throw the 12.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BCBaroo
    Throw the 12. It's ONE MORE POUND!
    But this way, we get another record-holder. I, personally, hold the world record for the 10.27 (+ .01 lb) pound shot put!
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    5kg, baby...why would the IAAF throw the 12? Just like the 1600/3200, we're the only country using it!
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