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And you're cherry-picking with your statistics, too. If you look at all the games Navratilova played vs Graf, it's a 9-9 tie.
I think my statistics were pretty significant, (majors & finals)
I don't necessarily disagree with Navratilova being the more successful player but I think Graf at her best was the better player.

That's fine but using games were Graff was at her best and Navratilova was past it, isn't affair comparison. If anything it goes in Martina's favour considering she beat her a few times. Both would be my all time contenders, especially as the 80's and 90's produced a number of great women's players which sadly declined this past decade when many Tennis players found that modelling contracts in Tennis was pretty damn good money. That to me is why Williams, as impressive as she is, has had an easier number of grand slams to win,