The "can't be a citizen" thread mentioned various freedoms enjoyed by Americans and some talk on which is greatest. I vote for freedom of speech.

Even though such is not allowed here! As in, this may be a democracy, but I retain 51% of the vote.

Not tomorrow. In honor of July 4th, I've created a new free-speech forum that will be open for approximately 24 hours. (I'll activate it before I got to bed tonite, close it tomorrow night.)

If you wanna talk the verboten topics of politics and religion, being as partisan as you like, feel free to do so. Just don't get personal.

And this freedom extends only to topics you choose to create on the new forum. It does NOT mean topics on in the regular fora.

I think it goes without saying that this new-found freedom will not include the right to toss around baseless (or even base-some) drug accusations. That remains a third rail which will fry you. As will things that are sexist or racist.

Have fun.

Edited because too many pinheads (all of whose posts have been removed) were completely incapable of understanding the original notification.