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    śwShot: Kristin Heaston 61-5 3/4 (18.74)
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    am I being dense here, or is there not a WShot put thread up yet?

    I checked, and I didn't see one. either way, results as follows:

    Pretty much folliowing form, although I might have noped more from Carter and Wanless.

    1 Kristin Heaston Nike 18.74m 61-05.75
    17.19m 18.60m 18.09m 18.74m 18.15m 18.46m
    2 Jillian Camarena New York A C 18.50m 60-08.50
    16.96m 18.50m FOUL 18.33m FOUL 18.10m
    3 Sarah Stevens Arizona State 18.02m 59-01.50
    16.97m 17.24m 16.91m 18.02m 17.41m 17.36m
    4 Jessica Pressley Arizona State 17.57m 57-07.75
    16.31m 16.37m 15.72m 17.57m 16.53m 17.49m
    5 Michelle Carter Texas 17.57m 57-07.75
    17.40m 17.40m 17.30m 16.97m 17.57m 17.20m
    6 Abigail Ruston unattached 17.47m 57-03.75
    17.47m FOUL 16.70m FOUL FOUL FOUL
    7 Elizabeth Wanless New York A C 17.03m 55-10.50
    16.34m FOUL 16.79m 17.03m FOUL 16.88m
    8 Adriane Blewitt unattached 16.78m 55-00.75
    16.12m 16.78m FOUL 16.77m 16.46m FOUL
    9 Gail Lee Memphis 16.23m 53-03.00
    16.23m FOUL 16.11m
    10 Kelechukwu Onwuchekwa Texas A&M 16.18m 53-01.00
    16.18m FOUL FOUL
    11 Khadija Talley Miami 15.85m 52-00.00
    15.03m 15.85m FOUL
    12 Chandra Brewer unattached 15.75m 51-08.25
    15.08m 15.75m 14.79m
    13 Erin Streater unattached 15.62m 51-03.00
    15.09m 15.62m 15.47m
    14 Rachel Jansen Northern Iowa 15.62m 51-03.00
    15.62m FOUL FOUL
    15 Robyn Jarocki unattached 15.19m 49-10.00
    15.19m 15.10m 14.82m
    16 Jennifer Steiner Nebraska 15.07m 49-05.50
    14.32m 14.71m 15.07m
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    No, you get the honor of starting the thread. As DJ noted elsewhere, it was a 5-field-event session and that combined with lots of running during same tight window meant something would probably slip.

    Given the physical layout, shot was stuck down in a corner and probably the hardest to see/follow.
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