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    Dave Barry Says Newspapers Are Dead
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    (just what a magazine guy wants to hear)

    coming soon, T&FN podcasts! :-)

    http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f ... H06GL1.DTL
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    What prompted me to revive this thread (and the other one I just updated) was my reading today's New York Times over breakfast. It showed dramatically a point that I think has been made on other threads--those newspapers that have thus far survived have dramatically cut their content and their editorial staff. Papers are much thinner than they used to be (and that's not just due to fewer pages of ads). And they've seriously reduced their editorial staffs. (Google Newspaper staff reduction and you'll see pages of related stories.)

    In any event, getting back to the NY Times, the Yankees played their arch-rivals, the Red Sox, this weekend in Boston, and the Mets played at home against the Phillies. The NY Times did not staff those games--they printed Associated Press stories instead. Incredible!

    And of course there was no mention at all of the 5th Avenue Mile. No story, no agate results. The event is a big deal locally and was televised locally and nationally as well.

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    I haven't seen any newspaper mentioning the 5th Avenue Mile....not even the RG....I think the novelty had been worn out.

    The Times wisely is focusing on political, national and world news. Which is better than ever....
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