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    Kamani interview on IAAF
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    I may be in the minority here, but this just annoys me.

    He was born in the US. Raised in the US. Took complete advantage of the US high school, collegiate and post-collegiate systems, and then decides to run for Panama. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. I understand that the 400H is a tough event, and he has a better chance, but it seems quite cowardly to do that.

    And this: “Before the 2000 US Olympic Trials, my father brought up the idea of running for Panama. Even though I hadn’t had the chance of going there by then, I always felt Panamanian, because of him and my grandfather, who were born in Panama.”

    Well, if he feels so Panamanian, he should renounce his US citizenship and just move there. I'm no right-wing nut, solid Democrat here, but I do think you should go with the belle who brung ya, as it were.

    It would be easier for Sanya Richards to represent her home country (and at least she's been there before she started competing for them), but she took the high road and wanted to represent the country that provided so many opportunities for her growing up.

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    Isn:t there some other 400H guy, pretty famous, born and raised in USA? Wore some kind of blinking toy on his wrist. Competes for some other country after "taking advantage" of USA training & development opps?

    Hey, no different to me than we going to USA to compete in the NCAAs, learning loads, and then bringing that knowledge back here to our respective countries.
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