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    Re: ¶2013 Brussels DL—w100: SAFP 10.72

    In a virtual kinda way SAFP has now clearly taken over the 100m pole position of Usain Bolt.
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    Re: 2013 Van Damme (Brussels)DL- W100m

    This is Shelly's best season ever. It is also the first year is she out of school and thus, she was able to fully train and have a complete season.

    She slowed down a bit at the end when she...
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    Re: 2013 Zürich DL - General

    You're memory is ok. I saw on tv practically every Zurich meet.
    But the days of honey throughout the year are way over.
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    Re: ¶2013 Zürich DL: m100—Bolt 9.90

    Historic race. 8 men within nearly the distance once Bolt claimed his own for celebrating.
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    Re: Doping Study 29% in World Champs

    At the end of the day this kind of investigations, IMO, is close to meaningless.
    For the simple reason it cannot establish the real magnitude of the doping abuse.
    Minor or big abuse, low frequency...
  6. Re: What does the future hold for Allyson Felix?

    Allyson will recover and can still win a set of medals. Individually the 200m and of cause the relays 4x100m and 4x400m at championships. But it will take more hard work and the right decisions.
  7. Re: What does the future hold for Allyson Felix?

    Allyson Felix has been around on a world level since 2001.
    The universe has been very kind to her, mind you, and the loss recently can only be attributed to herself, how hard it was for us to see....
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    Re: chinese womens 1500 records

    You're citing a fact not in evidence. It may well be that those who were truly talented were those who put up good marks outside of the two meets.[/quote]
    My fact in evidence is that you don't make...
  9. Re: The 3 best performances of WC are of BOLT

    But comparing Bolt to Bolt gives an unprecedented picture never seen before.
  10. Re: The 3 best performances of WC are of BOLT

    Sure these lists could use an update, but could never even remotely be perfect.
    So then again the problem remains.
    Besides, who's to judge the real clean human performance level?
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    Re: chinese womens 1500 records

    Why cheat? In 1993 Liu Dong already ran unbelievable splits. She ran the second part of her round 4 min. 1500m alone in a 3:41 1500m tempo, after the first 800m had been slow.
    Chinese women overran...
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    Re: chinese womens 1500 records

    ??!! I've never heard this line of reasoning before. Are you implying that the marks were falsified? There was no video to re-time the races? Or the track really was short?[/quote]

    The Chinese...
  13. Re: The 3 best performances of WC are of BOLT

    Of cause you cannot argue about well-constructed mathematical point lists for rating top performances. Therefore Bolt deserves to be on top of the list, but of cause far from being on top of his...
  14. Re: ¶Brussels m100 (non-DL)—Bolt 9.76 (WL)

    I've been informed, that this wasn't so to speak an official research with a follow-up rapport, but that the small team (with also former trainer of Kim Gevaert) grasped the opportunity of having...
  15. Re: ¶Brussels m100 (non-DL)—Bolt 9.76 (WL)

    The Belgian KU Leuven Biomechanical Team laserbeamed this race entirely (300 frames per second). The majority of publications on the web is in the dutch language. The excellent Sciencedaily.com...
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    Re: anything to sell newspapers!

    One of the leading dutch newspapers De Volkskrant published an article by Mark van Driel: With the astonishing time of Blake also the distrust returns on the track.

    His final remarks:
    Can Blake...
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    Re: anything to sell newspapers!

    His premise is that you can't have a big drop in performance and be clean. News to all those pre-60s athletes who routinely had big drops. It happens. (not trying to be naive, either)[/quote]

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    Re: ¶Brussels DL m200—Blake 19.26 (!) WL

    From performance 2062 to performance 2 in just 3 months.
  19. Re: Prediction times for men 100 & 200 @ Brussels

    In pro cycling nowadays every (odd) outstanding performance is scrutinized to the bone, be it for the right reason or not, but in track & field it seems to be a big happy family. 8-)
  20. Re: anybody have split times for last races of Blake?

    With respect to the 9,92s race you could do a (partly) comparison with the splits of Bolt in Daegu 2011;

    1,87s/1,04s/0,93s/0,88s/0,86s/0,86s/0,86s/0,88s/0,91s/0,99s: 1. Round 10,10s (-1,0s): ...
  21. Re: Bolt the greatest paradigm shifting athlete ever

    Once upon a time there was talk of jumping 8 meters, for women that is. I can get you no better reason to suggest that this topic meets the best tradition of Bob Dylan's phrase Useless and Pointless...
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    Re: 2011 WC: m4x100—Jamaica 37.04 (NEW WR!)

    I would think that 100m relay splits would be done by the Biomechanical Research Team at work, but apparently it's not in their assignment. A few days ago they already published quick reference data...
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    Re: Boston [Mutai 2:03:01w]

    Whenever two runners are cruising at sub 2 hours marathon pace in the realm where the man of the hammer (30-40 km) resides, every alarm bell has to go off. The runner-ups 3 and 4 did however an...
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    Re: Five Topical Questions

    To B. According to a dutch historian, prof. H. Pleket, athletes in old Greece had to run on a straight track of approx. 200m in sort of lanes. At least at the finish, there was a clear distinction of...
  25. Re: HD on Bolt, Isi, Jones, Flo Jo, JJK and 8m

    I can imagine her thoughts about Flo Jo. But she uses a rather peculiar argument to underline her thoughts: her training age to reach 7,48m, which she states as 10 years in contrast with the short...
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