Collegiate Men’s Outdoor Athlete Of The Year — Florida’s Grant Holloway


THE CRACKING OF an ancient Collegiate Record proved to be the key to this year’s choice as Collegiate Men’s Outdoor Athletes Of The Year as Grant Holloway of Florida did the honors. Holloway’s 12.98 in the 110H finally took down Renaldo Nehemiah’s legendary 13.00 from ’79. Holloway buttressed his case for the top spot by also producing the Nos. =5, 7, 8 & 10 performances on the all-time collegiate list. And while our protocol doesn’t give any credit for running on high-performing relay teams—these are individual honors, after all—the Gator junior did get some credit for the value of the fastest 4×4 leg in Austin, his 43.74.

Holloway narrowly edged Texas Tech junior, Divine Oduduru, the winner of a 100/200 double at Nationals, who moved to No. 2 on the all-time collegiate list in each dash. Oduduru was also undefeated all season, whereas Holloway did lose once, but that to Daniel Roberts, who also broke the old CR. Honorable mention status also to vaulter Chris Nilsen (South Dakota) and HJ/LJ doubler JuVaughn Richardson (LSU).

The all-time men’s winners, since we began this award in ’95:

Year Men’s AOY
2019 Grant Holloway (Florida)
2018 Michael Norman (USC)
2017 Fred Kerley (Texas A&M)
2016 Jarrion Lawson (Arkansas)
2015 Shawn Barber (Akron)
2014 Trayvon Bromell (Baylor)
2013 Derek Drouin (Indiana)
2012 Cam Levins (Southern Utah)
2011 Ngoni Makusha (Florida State)
2010 Ryan Whiting (Arizona State)
2009 Galen Rupp (Oregon)
2008 Richard Thompson (LSU)
2007 Walter Dix (Florida State)
2006 Xavier Carter (LSU)
2005 Kerron Clement (Florida)
2004 Alistair Cragg (Arkansas)
2003 Daniel Lincoln (Arkansas)
2002 Justin Gatlin (Tennessee)
2001 Janus Robberts (SMU)
2000 Gábor Máté (Auburn)
1999 Terrence Trammell (South Carolina)
1998 Angelo Taylor (Georgia Tech)
1997 Robert Howard (Arkansas)
1996 Ato Boldon (UCLA)
1995 John Godina (UCLA)