2006 High School Comprehensive List - Men

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compiled by Jack Shepard

(marks received and verified by 07/27/2007)

10.32Rodney Glass (Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks, Ca)
10.33**Harry Adams (Dillard, Ft Lauderdale, Fl)
10.36Jamere Holland (Taft, Woodland Hills, Ca)
10.38*Brandon Saine (Piqua, Oh)
Jonathan Williams (Temecula Valley, Temecula, Ca)
10.40(A)Ronald Arajs  (Cathedral, El Paso, Tx)
10.42Brandon Banks (Garner, NC)
Brandon Myers (Eisenhower, Houston, Tx)
Clifford Spiller (Union County, Lake Butler, Fl)
10.43***Rynell Parson (Stevens, San Antonio, Tx)
Evander Wells (Stone Mountain, Ga)
Scott Wims (Northrop, Ft Wayne, In)
10.31**Harry Adams (Dillard, Ft Lauderdale, Fl)
10.33Clint Allen (Orchard View, Muskegon, Mi)
**Derrick Hall (Central, Beaumont, Tx)
10.34Brandon Saine (Piqua, Oh)
10.39Atolani Akinkuotu (South Central, Winterville, NC)
*Jahvid Best (Salesian, Richmond, Ca)
(A)J.T. Scheuerman (Littleton, Co)
Evander Wells (Stone Mountain, Ga)
10.40**Terrance Thomas (East, Shawnee Mission, Ks)
Julius Walker (Texas City, Tx)
10.41*Whitney Prevost (Texas City, Tx)

200 METERS (20.13)
20.74(A)J. T. Scheuerman (Littleton, Co)
20.82Trey Harts (Barbe, Lake Charles, La)
20.92Charles Clark (Bayside, Virginia Beach, Va)
20.94*Bryshon Nellum (Poly, Long Beach, Ca)
20.95*Mychal Dungy (Austin, Tx)
21.01**Harry Adams (Dillard, Ft Lauderdale, Fl)
Jeffrey Smith (Silver Lake Regional, Kingston, Ma)
21.03*Jahvid Best (Salesian, Richmond, Ca)
21.04Paul Chaney (St Louis University, St Louis, Mo)
Devin Mays (Lincoln, Stockton, Ca)
20.74Brandon Saine (Piqua, Oh)
20.89Jeffrey Smith (Silver Lake Regional, Kingston, Ma)
20.91Charles Clark (Bayside, Virginia Beach, Va)
20.94Dee Conley (Middletown, Oh)
20.98Evander Wells (Stone Mountain, Ga)

400 METERS (44.69)
46.17Calvin Smith (Freedom, Tampa, Fl)
46.20*Bryshon Nellum (Poly, Long Beach, Ca)
46.23(A)J. T. Scheuerman (Littleton, Co)
46.51Tabarie Henry (Hallandale, Fl)
46.60LaJerald Betters (Waco, Tx)
46.69*Brandon Saine (Piqua, Oh)
46.79*Nevin Gutierrez (North, Riverside, Ca)
46.98Lukas Hulett (Bellevue East, Bellevue, Nb)
47.04*Gil Roberts (Millwood, Oklahoma City, Ok)
47.08Justin Terry (Leon, Tallahassee, Fl)
Brandon Washington (Ft Bend Marshall, Missouri City, Tx)

800 METERS (1:46.45)
1:49.97Karjuan Williams (New Bern, NC)
1:50.53*Cory Primm (Westlake, Westlake Village, Ca)
1:50.58*Lamarr Davis (East Wake, Wendell, NC)
1:50.67Ryan Waite (Mountain View, Bend, Or)
1:50.68*Isak Bergman (Ellensburg, Wa)
1:50.8Stephen Williams (Marion, Il)
1:50.9Michael Mark (Warwick Valley Central, Warwick, NY)
1:50.92**Joseph Franklin (Godby, Tallahassee, Fl)
1:50.98*Nectaly Barbosa (Prosser, Wa)
1:51.24Aaron Kauffman (Red Land, Lewisberry, Pa)

MILE (3:53.43)
4:03.79+A. J. Acosta (El Camino, Oceanside, Ca)
<3:45.73 for 1500>
4:04.43+*Samuel Borchers (Yellow Springs, Oh)
<3:46.32 for 1500>
4:05.81+Jack Bolas (Chapel Hill, NC)
<4:04.38 for 1600>
4:06.51+Michael Coe (Cabrillo, Lompoc, Ca)
<4:05.07 for 1600>
4:08.06Mohamud Ige’ (South, Denver)
4:08.15*Evan Jager (Jacobs, Algonquin, Il)
4:08.34+Justin Harbor (FPC, Bunnell, Fl)
<3:49.94 for 1500>
4:08.39+Kenny Klotz (C Catholic, Portland)
<3:49.99 for 1500>
4:08.50Ayalew Taye’ (Cush, Ashburnham, Ma)
4:08.93+Owen Kimple (Fayette-M, Manlius, NY)
<4:07.71 for 1600>
4:09.76*Ben Hubers (McEachern, P Springs, Ga)
4:09.77i*Craig Forys (Colts Neck, NJ)
4:10.10Daniel Roberts (Academy, C Butte, Co)
4:10.17+*Andy Weatherford (Greencastle, In)
<4:08.71 for 1600>
4:10.24+*De’Sean Turner (Warren C, Indy)
<4:08.78 for 1600>
4:10.71Rob Sorrell (Bolton, Arlington, Tn)
4:10.72iDan McManamon (Shen, Clift Park, NY)
4:10.79+Dorian Ulrey (Riverdale, Port Byron, Il)
<4:09.33 for 1600>
4:11.04+*Spencer Knight (La Sierra, Riverside)
<4:09.58 for 1600>
4:11.16+Marlon Patterson (Fran, Elk Grove, Ca)
<4:09.70 for 1600>
4:11.18Jay Bilsborrow (Coldwater, Mn)
4:11.34+*Dylan Knight (La Sierra, Riverside)
<4:09.88 for 1600>
4:11.37+Mike Perez (Lower Lake, Ca)
<4:09.91 for 1600>
4:11.67*Chad Hall (Big Bear City, Ca)
4:11.90+Brad Miller (Manheim, Lancaster, Pa)
<4:10.43 for 1600>
4:11.94i*Mark Amirault (Xaver, Westwood, Ma)
+*Michael Cybulski (Royal, Simi Valley, Ca)
<4:10.47 for 1600>

2000-meter steeplechase:
5:54.4*Ryan McDermott (Chaminade, Mineola, NY)
6:02.13Greg Kelsey (Saratoga Springs, NY)
6:06.29**Taylor Morgan (Central Catholic, Portland, Or)

9:02.56Noel Bateman (Aquinas, Rochester, NY
9:11.15Greg Kelsey (Saratoga Springs, NY)
9:14.57*Ryan McDermott (Chaminade, Mineola, NY)
9:18.08Dan Lewis (Monsignor Farrell, Staten Island, NY)
9:21.32John Heron (Fayetteville-Manlius, Manlius, NY)

2 MILES (8:36.3)
8:46.32A.J. Acosta (El Camino, Oceanside, Ca)
8:47.29*Matt Tebo (Eldorado, Albuquerque)
8:50.42*Evan Jager (Jacobs, Algonquin, Il)
8:50.80Mike Torchia (Lourdes, Rochester, Mn)
8:52.76Chad Balyo (Springboro, Oh)
8:53.85*Michael Cybulski (Royal, Simi Vall, Ca)
8:56.59+Ben Sitler (St Francis, Mountain View)
<8:53.47 for 3200>
8:56.87iMichael Coe (Cabrillo, Lompoc, Ca)
8:58.10Daniel Roberts (Academy, Cr Butte, Co)
8:58.22+Kenny Klotz (C Catholic, Portland)
<8:18.35 for 3000>
8:58.33+Diego Mercado (W Covina, Ca)
<8:55.20 for 3200>
8:58.77Sandy Roberts (Broughton, Raleigh)
8:59.28+*Craig Forys (Colts Neck, NJ)
<8:56.14 for 3200>
8:59.82*Mark Amirault (Xaver, Westwood, Ma)
9:00.10+*Matthew Centrowitz (Broad, Annapolis)
<8:20.09 for 3000>
9:00.4+Jeremy Stevens (Winnebago, Il)
<8:56.9 for 3200>
9:00.47+*Ben Hubers (McEach, P Springs, Ga)
<8:57.33 for 3200>
9:00.56+Alex Crabill (Wright, Tacoma)
<8:57.42 for 3200>
9:01.57+*Chad Hall (Big Bear City, Ca)
9:02.10+Jake Walker (Lincoln, Ellwood City, Pa)
<8:21.94 for 3000>
9:02.25+Noah Shannon (Ft Collins, Co)
<8:59.10 for 3200>
9:02.47+*Tommy Gruenewalk (F-M, Manlius, NY)
<8:59.32 for 3200>
9:02.97+*Mikel Thomas (Clovis, Ca)
<8:59.81 for 3200>
9:04.0Daniel Mercardo (W Covina, Ca)
9:04.22Jay Koloseus (Guilford, Ct)

5000 METERS (13:37.91)
14:37.74Diego Mercardo (West Covina, Ca)
14:42.66*Craig Forys (Colts Neck, NJ)
14:46.66Isaac Stoutenburgh (Crater, Central Point, Or)
14:47.72iDaniel Mercado (West Covina, Ca)
14:48.73Ben Massam (Chatham, NJ)

31:36.35Diego Mercardo (West Covina, Ca)
32:06.02Landon Peacock (Cedar Springs, Mi)

110 HURDLES (13.30)
13.44Cordera Jenkins (Dickinson, Tx)
13.47Darius Reed (Washington, Denver, Co)
13.54*Johnny Dutch (Clayton, NC)
13.59*Terry Prentice (Diamond Ranch, Pomona, Ca)
13.62(A)*Oscar Spurlock (Carter, Dallas, Tx)
13.69David Klech (California, San Ramon, Ca)
13.80Carrington Queen (Chichester, Boothwyn, Pa)
13.72Daryl Reynolds (New Bern, NC)
13.82Chris Brautzch (Wayne, Ft Wayne, In)
13.83**William Wynne (McEachern, Powder Springs, Ga)
13.42*Oscar Spurlock (Carter, Dallas, Tx)
13.73*Darnius Moore (Tatum, Tx)
13.78Vincent Corner (Springfield North, Springfield, Oh)
13.80**Robert Griffin (Copperas Cove, Tx)
Omo Osaghae (Monterey, Lubbock, Tx)

300 HURDLES (35.32)
35.45David Klech (California, San Ramon, Ca)
36.25Clint Renfro (Carroll, Southlake, Tx)
36.42Willis West (Hialeah-Miami Lakes, Hialeah, Fl)
36.56*Bryce Brown (Harrison, Evansville, In)
36.60*Johnny Dutch (Clayton, NC)
36.71*Jeshua Anderson (Taft, Woodland Hills, Ca)
Daryl Reynolds (New Bern, NC)
36.74Tim Grier (Westlake, Atlanta, Ga)
36.76Joey Hodges (Warren Central, Indianapolis, In)
36.78Jason Perez (Klein Forest, Houston, Tx)

400 HURDLES (49.38)
50.35David Klech (California, San Ramon, Ca)
51.34Tim Grier (Westlake, Atlanta, Ga)
51.56**Trey Charles (Marietta, Ga)
**William Wynne (McEachern, Powder Springs, Ga)
51.68Shaquan Brown (Kennedy, Paterson, NJ)

4 x 100 (39.76)
40.05Eisenhower, Houston, Tx
40.30Garland, Tx
40.45Texas City, Tx
40.49Alief Elsik, Houston, Tx
40.66Worthing, Houston, Tx
40.83Poly, Long Beach, Ca
40.95Judson, Converse, Tx
40.98Beaumont Central, Beaumont, Tx
41.01Tyler, Tx
41.09Westfield, Houston, Tx

4 x 200 (1:23.31)
1:24.10Eisenhower, Houston, Tx
1:24.47Alief Elsik, Houston, Tx
1:24.61Garland, Tx
1:25.02Klein Forest, Houston, Tx
1:25.18Duncanville, Tx
Worthing, Houston, Tx
1:25.78Glenville, Cleveland, Oh
1:25.88Texas City, Tx
1:25.91Kimball, Dallas, Tx
1:25.92Hendrickson, Pflugerville, Tx

4 x 400 (3:07.40)
3:10.36North, Riverside, Ca
3:11.99Ft Bend Marshall, Missouri City, Tx
3:12.12Poly, Long Beach, Ca
3:12.26McNeil, Round Rock, Tx
3:12.80Bowie, Arlington, Tx
3:13.10Hallandale, Fl
3:13.35Cypress Falls, Houston, Tx
3:13.74Trotwood-Madison, Trotwood, Oh
3:13.80Valley, West Des Moines, Ia
3:14.0Cahokia, Il

4 x 800 (7:32.89)
7:36.96Warwick Valley Central, Warwick, NY
7:38.35York, Elmhurst, Il
7:40.02Jacobs, Algonquin, Il
7:40.68Central Catholic, Portland, Or
7:40.74Bishop Chatard, Indianapolis, In
7:42.97Glenbard South, Glen Ellyn, Il
7:43.06Monsignor Farrell, Staten Island, NY
7:43.43Gratz, Philadelphia, Pa
7:43.77East St Louis, Il
7:43.90North Penn, Lansdale, Pa

4 x MILE (17:06.6)
17:18.33Fayetteville-Manlius, Manlius, NY
17:19.31Royal, Simi Valley, Ca
17:30.18Morris Hills, Rockaway, NJ
17:33.14North, St Charles, Il
17:35.25mWarren Central, Indianapolis, In

3:22.47New Bern, NC
3:25.19Gratz, Philadelphia, Pa
3:26.36A&M Consolidated, College Station, Tx
3:26.91iWarwick Valley Central, Warwick, NY
3:27.75Marshalltown, Ia
3:28.26Roosevelt, Greenbelt, Md
3:28.41Flowers, Springdale, Md
3:29.1Notre Dame, Lawrenceville, NJ
3:29.13McNeil, Round Rock, Tx
3:29.44St Pius X, Atlanta, Ga

10:00.37York, Elmhurst, Il
10:04.39Fayetteville-Manlius, Manlius, NY
10:05.26Warwick Valley Central, Warwick, NY
10:06.13Chapel Hill, NC
10:06.57Ridgewood, NJ
10:08.54Herndon, Va
10:08.65Royal, Simi Valley, Ca
10:09.37iSaratoga Springs, NY
10:09.38Monsignor Farrell, Staten Island, NY
10:11.43El Camino, Oceanside, Ca

7-2 1/4*Randal Carter (Papillon-La Vista, Papillon, Nb)
7-2*Grant Lindsey (Mansfield, Tx)
i*Eric Thompson (Herrin, Il)
7-1Lyle Leong (Abilene, Tx)
Terrell Reese (Hendrickson, Pflugerville, Tx)
7-0 1/4*Phil Feinberg (Corona del Sol, Tempe, Az)
7-0Trent Arrivey (Woodinville, Wa)
Jason Clark (Chrisman, Independence, Mo)
*Major Clay (Lanphier, Springfield, Il)
Anthony Craft (Leesville, La)
iJake Dalessandro (Dalton, Oh)
Jesee Deal (Concordia, Ks)
iMatt Fisher (East, Green Bay, Wi)
*Michael Healey (Cinco Ranch, Katy, Tx)
Anthony Hemingway (Killeen, Tx)
Josh Jones (New Castle, Pa)
Marc Meierotto (Ft Madison, Ia)
Donte Nall (Chapel Hill, Douglasville, Ga)
Antonio Triplett (Edmond Memorial, Edmond, Ok)
iJulius Walker (Texas City, Tx)
Jonathan Whittaker (North Shore, Galena Park, Tx)
Marlon Woods (Washington, Norfolk, Va)

17-6 1/2Michael Morrison (Great Bridge, Chesapeake, Va)
17-5*Casey Roche (St Francis, Mountain View, Ca)
Scott Roth (Granite Bay, Ca)
17-4Ryan Shuler (Granite Bay, Ca)
17-3 1/2i*Spencer McCorkel (Bryant, Ar)
17-1 1/4iPhil Hanson (Pontiac, Il)
17-0 3/4(A)Nick Frawley (Midlothian, Tx)
17-0Jason Colwik (San Marcos, Tx)
Jordan Scott (Oconee County, Watkinsville, Ga)
16-9 1/4Maston Wallace (Clear Brook, Friendswood, Tx)

LONG JUMP (26-9 1/4)
24-11iWill Coppage (Alexandria, La)
24-9Corey Vinston (Phoebus, Hampton, Va)
24-8 1/4Lyle Leong (Abilene, Tx)
24-7 1/2Parrish Cox (University, Waco, Tx)
24-6 3/4*Terrance Toliver (Hempstead, Tx)
24-6 1/2Keenan Hall (Davis, Indianapolis, In)
24-6Keith Graham (West Ashley, Charleston, SC)
Joseph sMorgan (McKinley, Canton, Oh)
24-5 1/2Brandon Dudley (Arp, Tx)
24-5*Terry Prentice (Diamond Ranch, Pomona, Ca)
25-7 3/4Adron Tennell (Irving, Tx)
25-0Corey Vinston (Phoebus, Hampton, Va)
24-10 1/2*Ed Turner (Mayde Creek, Houston, Tx)
24-5 1/2*Toney Henderson (Gig Harbor, Wa)
24-5 1/4*Marquis Wesley (Evans, Orlando, Fl)

TRIPLE JUMP (54-10 1/4)
52-5 3/4Kali Jackson (Cahokia, Il)
51-6Zuheir Sharif (Franklin, Elk Grove, Ca)
51-5 1/4Gary Jones (Webster-Schroeder, Webster, NY)
50-8Richard Sherman (Dominguez, Compton, Ca)
50-4 1/2*Phelon Jones (McGill-Toolen, Mobile, Al)
50-3 1/2Josh Como (Rancho Verde, Moreno Valley, Ca)
Anthony Flemons (Childress, Tx)
49-11Neelon Greenwood (Fairfield, Ca)
49-10Keith Graham (West Ashley, Charlotte, NC)
49-9 1/2Alphonso Jordan (Hopewell, Charlotte, NC)
51-3Anthony Flemons (Childress, Tx)
50-2*Troy Doris (Bolingbrook, Il)
50-1 1/4Neelon Greenwood (Fairfield, Ca)
Malcolm Williams (South Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, Tx)
49-11 1/2Kevin Dix (Carrollton, Ga)

SHOT (81-3 1/2)
67-4 1/2Eric Flores (Custer, SD)
66-3 1/4Darius Savage (Morse, San Diego, Ca)
66-2Andy Oaker (Steelville, Mo)
65-4 1/2iAaron Studt (Ripon, Wi)
65-6Eric Werskey (Seymour, In)
65-5*Benjamin Stephen (Union County, Liberty, In)
65-2*Jimmie Pacifico (Butler, Vandalia, Oh)
65-1Nick Robinson (El Toro, Lake Forest, Ca)
63-11 1/4Bo Taylor (Newport Harbor, Newport Beach, Ca)
63-8Cameron Elisara (Ferris, Spokane, Wa)
Jr shot(6-kg):
61-7Eric Werskey (Seymour, In)

DISCUS (234-3)
213-7Bo Taylor (Newport Harbor, Newport Beach, Ca)
212-1Darius Savage (Morse, San Diego, Ca)
203-7Zach Clayton (Opelika, Al)
200-11Eric Thomas (Moore Prep-Marian, Hays, Ks)
200-5**Geoffrey Tabor (Ardmore, Ok)
197-4Cameron Carter (Mayfair, Lakewood, Ca)
197-2Larry Jones (Ruston, La)
197-0Nick Robinson (El Toro, Lake Forest, Ca)
196-7Korion Morris (Renton, Wa)
196-4*Luke Bryant (Clearwater, Ks)
Eric Werskey (Seymour, In)
Jr discus (1.75-kg):
192-1Bo Taylor (Newport Harbor, Newport Beach, Ca)

HAMMER (253-3)
252-6*Walter Henning (St Anthonys, South Huntington, NY)
224-4David Schiedt (Lassiter, Marietta, Ga)
223-11*Jordan Stray (Centralia, Wa)
216-6**Wes Wright (Villa Rica, Ga)
213-0***Conor McCullough (Chaminade, West Hills, Ca)
210-11*Walter Henning (St Anthonys, South Huntington, NY)

238-2*Walter Henning (St Anthonys, South Huntington, NY)

JAVELIN (241-11)
213-4Josh Hostetler (Selinsgrove, Pa)
210-8Michael Davis (Kings, Seattle, Wa)
210-7*Andrew Fahringer (Whitehall, Pa)
210-2Preston Chatham (St Paul School, Covington, La)
208-10Nick Lam (Skyview, Billings, Mt)
208-9**Josh Vick (Kiski Area, Vandergrift, Pa)
208-6Travis Miller (Danville Area, Danville, Pa)
208-2Cole Zenisek (Kapaun-Mt Carmel, Wichita, Ks)
207-8Jordan Teeter (Hays, Ks)
207-5***Justin Shirk (Central Dauphain, Harrisburg, Pa)

International implements/hurdles:
5761*Casey Stevickl (Olympia, Wa)
5640Darren Edwards (Arlington, Wa)
5458**Isaac Teichgrab (Stanwood, Wa)
5351Tim Carrithers (Lynnwood, Wa)
5345**Spencer Hadley (Connell, Wa)
Junior implements/39”  hurdles:
7264Shawn Schmidt (St Marks of Texas, Dallas, Tx)
7033Cory Roberts (St Aquinas, Hammond, La)
6914**Ben Davies (Brentwood Academy, Brentwood, Tn)
6427*Weston Leutz (Century, Bismarck, ND)
6398*Michael Ayers (Ravenwood, Brentwood, Tn)
HS implements:
7197Shawn Schmidt (St Marks of Texas, Dallas, Tx)
6987(A)Wesley Bray (Cypress-Fairbanks, Houston, Tx)
6865*Michael Ayers (Ravenwood, Brentwood, Tn)
6709*Terry Prentice (Diamond Ranch, Pomona, Ca)
6587**Gray Horn (Waynesfield-Goshen, Waynesfield, Oh)

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