2006 U.S. Indoor List - Men

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compiled by Jim Rorick

(marks received and verified by 01/31/2012)

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These lists give the top U.S. performers of the indoor season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks also fall into the range of our reporting standards. In the oversized-track category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on OT list). Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.

Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh.

Oversized tracks are those larger than 200m in circumference. OT marks at races longer than 1000m are no longer carried with the main list (except in the multis) because too many huge tracks have been turned into speedways. (A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).

! = secondary performance in a field-event series (only applicable to final end-of-season lists); ¶ = field-event mark for which complete series data is missing (only applicable to final end-of-season lists)

5.73Jeff Laynes (Puma)Saskatoon02/04
5.78Tyree Gailes (Reeb)Saskatoon02/04

6.12Josh Norman (unat)Fresno01/16
6.13Anthony Buchanan (unat)Pepsi Inv02/05
6.19Jeff Laynes (Puma)Fresno01/16
LaynesSilver State01/28
*Greg Bolden (FlSt)Pepsi Inv02/05
**5 performances by 4 performers**

6.50Leonard Scott (Nik)World Ch03/10
ScottWorld Ch03/10
6.53Johnie Drake (unat)Skoog02/17
Terrence Trammell (Miz)USATF02/26
**Trell Kimmons (Hinds)JUCO03/04
**6 performances by 4 performers**
6.55Marcus Brunson (Nik)USATF02/26
Josh Norman (unat)USATF02/26
Jason Smoots (Nik)USATF02/26
6.56Tyson Gay (adi)Tyson Inv02/10
***Jacob Norman (Bay)NCAA03/10
6.59Shawn Crawford (Nik)Millrose02/03
**Walter Dix (FlSt)NCAA03/10
6.60*Ronnie Pines (Ok)Martin Inv02/04
Mardy Scales (Nik)Jayhawk Inv01/28
6.62DaBryan Blanton (Nik)Sooner Inv02/18
*Demi Omole (Wi)Meyo Inv02/04
6.63John Capel (adi)Millroses02/03
(A)Carlos Moore (Cheet)SW Classic02/18
(A)John Woods (Nik)Davies Inv01/21
6.64-Trey Griffin (Tx)Tyson Inv02/10
**Bradley Reed (TCU)Ar Inv01/13
*Mike Rodgers (Lind)Hoosier R02/03

20.27**Walter Dix (FlSt)NCAA03/10
20.30**Xavier Carter (LSU)NCAA03/10
20.42Milton Campbell (unat)Va Tech Chal02/18
20.46-Kelly Willie (LSU)NCAA03/10
**5 performances by 4 performers**
20.57Wallace Spearmon (Nik)Razorback Inv01/20
20.62***Willie Perry (Fl)NCAA03/10
20.67**Rubin Williams (Tn)NCAA03/10
20.71*Reggie Witherspoon (Bay)NCAA03/10
20.72LaShawn Merritt (Nik)Penn St Nat01/28
20.81*David Neville (In)NCAA03/10
20.88John Capel (US)Birmingham02/18
20.89**Trell Kimmons (Hinds)JUCO03/04
20.95-Robert Waters (Rut)IC4A03/05
21.05*David Dickens (Ga)NCAA03/10
21.09Trey Harts (LaHS)Nat HS03/12
21.10Kerron Clement (Nik)Gator Inv01/21
21.11(A)**Travis Picou (AF)Mtn West02/25
21.12-Justin Byron (NC)VaT LCh03/04
*Basil Campbell (Ct)N Eng02/25
21.13James Davis (Phen)Nampa02/11
Foreign Collegians:
21.01(A)*Daniël Ward (UTEP-Hol)Albuquerque01/21
21.13**Ricardo Chambers (FlSt-Jam)ACC02/25
Oversized Track:
21.01-Leroy Dixon (SC)IaSt LCh03/04
21.04***Imani Butler (CMo)Ames01/28
21.06-Chauncey Harris (Al)Meyo Inv02/04
21.07*Mike Rodgers (Lind)NAIA03/11
21.11-Carey LaCour (Hous)IaSt LCh03/04

31.88Wallace Spearmon (Nik)Tyson Inv02/10
31.94Kerron Clement (Nik)Tyson Inv02/10
LaShawn Merritt (Nik)Tyson Inv02/10
Oversized Track:
32.83Fernada Blakely (unat)Meyo Inv02/03
32.98Jamel Ashley (Reeb)Meyo Inv02/03

45.28**Xavier Carter (LSU)NCAA03/11
45.58*David Neville (In)NCAA03/11
45.81Milton Campbell (unat)Va Tech Chal02/18
**5 performances by 3 performers**
46.00Bershawn Jackson (Nik)Tyson Inv02/10
46.01*Aaron Buzard (Mn)NCAA03/11
46.02*Micheal Tinsley (Jack)NCAA03/10
46.17LaShawn Merritt (Nik)USATF02/26
46.18-Abe Jones (Il)NCAA03/10
Tyree Washington (Nik)USATF02/26
46.25James Davis (Phen)Nampa02/04
46.28*Miles Smith (SEMo)NCAA03/10
46.37O.J. Hogans (Reeb)Valentine02/11
46.53Jamel Ashley (Reeb)Tyson Inv02/10
46.59Wallace Spearmon (Nik)USATF02/25
46.70***Quentin Summers (Bay)Razorback Inv01/21
46.71-LaChristopher Lewis (Al)NCAA03/10
46.73-Kellen Blasingame (Va)ACC02/25
46.74-Quentin Bowens (SH)Armory02/04
46.76Godfrey Herring (unat)Hoosier R02/03
46.84LeJerald Betters (TxHS)Nat HS03/11
-Craig Everhart (UCA)NCAA03/10
Foreign Collegians:
45.67-Lewis Banda (TCU-Zim)NCAA03/10
45.93**Ricardo Chambers (FlSt-Jam) ACC02/25
46.08-Sekou Clarke (Fl-Jam)NCAA03/10
46.42**Andretti Bain (OR-Bah)NCAA03/10
Oversized Track:
45.63AshleyKentucky Inv01/14
46.20HerringKentucky Inv01/14
46.38*Lansford Spence (Aub-Jam)Kentucky Inv01/14
46.40*Brandon Johnson (UCLA)Mtn Pac02/25
46.63Fernada Blakely (unat)Kentucky Inv01/14
46.65EverhartIaSt Cl02/11
46.76**Keith Hinnant (SC)IaSt Cl03/04
46.77*Domenik Peterson (AzSt)Mtn Pac02/25
46.82-Matt Scherer (Or)Ia St Cl03/04
46.83Mitch Potter (unat)Ia St Cl03/04

1:01.39**Greg Gomes (SH)IC4A03/05
1:01.40-Abe Jones (Il)Armory02/03
1:01.87Tyone Ross (NYE)Gotham Cup01/13

1:16.63Ricardo Bell (InI)Hills Inv02/17
1:17.00*Tramell Smith (Il)Carle Inv01/28
1:17.22SmithBig 1002/26
1:17.23*Aaron Buzard (Mn)Big 1002/26
BuzardJohnson Cl01/21
**6 performances by 3 performers**
1:17.65Jacob Koczman (InI)Hawkeye01/14
1:17.75-Terry Estwick (Jack)Hoosier R02/03
1:18.05*Joe Detmer (Wi)Wisc Inv01/28
1:18.10***James Groce (Wi)Big 1002/26
1:18.23***Walter Langkau (Mn)Big 1002/26
1:18.63Jonathon Johnson (Reeb)Reeb Boston01/28
1:18.65Bershawn Jackson (Nik)Reeb Boston01/28
Oversized Track:
1:17.69***Cody Martin (TxT)Lubbock01/14
1:17.86**Elkana Chepsiror (VaInt-Ken)NAIA03/11
1:17.93-Nick Suing (Conc/Nb)NAIA03/11
1:18.01-Matt Parish (Azusa)NAIA03/11

1:46.63Sam Burley (Asics)Valentine02/11
1:46.80*Zach Glavash (TxT)Big 1202/25
1:46.98Khadevis Robinson (Nik)USATF02/26
1:47.25David Krummenacker (adi)USATF02/26
1:47.92-Joel Legare (Ct)NCAA03/11
**5 performances by 5 performers**
1:47.97-Gered Burns (Alb)NCAA03/11
1:47.99**Tim Harris (Mia)Valentine02/11
1:48.48-Tommy Manning (Gtn)Giegengack02/04
1:48.60Kevin Hicks (Nik)Pepsi Inv02/05
1:48.94Derrick Peterson (adi)Tyson Inv02/10
1:49.02***Rob Novak (SH)IC4A03/05
1:49.04*Tramell Smith (Il)Armory02/04
1:49.15Tim Dunne (NYAC)USATF02/26
1:49.40*Logan Jones (Ct)State College02/04
1:49.42*Brian Roe (Ar)Tyson Inv02/10
1:49.50Elliott Blount (NFT)USATF02/26
1:49.62-Courtney Jaworski (Penn)Sykes/Sabock02/11
1:49.63Jebreh Harris (Reeb)Tyson Inv02/10
1:49.69**Mike Carmody (Dart)Valentine02/11
1:49.82-Said Ahmed (Ar)Razorback Inv01/21
Foreign Collegians:
1:46.46*Dmitrijs Milkevics (Nb-Lat)Big 1202/25
1:47.02-Jackson Langat (TCU-Ken)NCAA03/11
1:47.74-Prince Mumba (OR-Zam)NCAA03/11
1:47.83***Dominic Tanui (UTEP-Ken)NCAA03/11
1:48.42(A)**Shaun Smith (OR-Jam)NM Inv01/28
1:48.50*Thomas Chamney (NDm-Ire)NCAA03/11
1:48.53**Elkana Chepsiror (VaInt-Ken)Va Tech Chal02/18
1:48.55**Elias Koech (UTEP-Ken)NCAA03/11
Oversized Track:
1:47.19Mumba’IaSt Cl02/11
1:47.81Tanui’IaSt Cl02/11
1:47.87-Peter Etoot’ (Al-Ken)Meyo Inv02/04
1:47.92Chepsiror’IaSt Cl02/11
1:48.19S. Smith’ IaSt Cl02/11
1:48.20T. SmithIaSt Cl02/11
1:48.38-Christian Smith (KsSt)IaSt Cl02/11
1:48.39Jacob Koczman (InI)IaSt Cl02/11
1:48.72*Marcus Mayes (Mo)IaSt LCh03/04
1:48.86*Driss Yousfi’ (Id-Fra)Wa LCh03/04
1:48.87RoeIaSt LCh03/04
1:48.96*Clay Ragan (NC)Wilson Inv03/04
1:48.98DunneIaSt Cl02/11
1:49.02-Joel Williams (Jack)IaSt LCh03/04
1:49.07-Trent Riter (Mn)Wilson Inv03/04
1:49.29-Chris Bonner (Gtn)Wilson Inv03/04
1:49.32JaworskiWilson Inv03/04
1:49.42*Larry Brooks (UTSA)IaSt LCh03/04
1:49.43BlountHusky Inv02/11
1:49.51Kevin Elliott (NFT)Husky Inv02/11
1:49.52**Phil Marlatt (MiSt)Meyo Inv02/04
1:49.58-Steve Maina’ (EnKy-Ken)Meyo Inv02/04
1:49.59Brandon Shaw (NFT)Wash Inv01/28
1:49.69**John Cavanaugh (NDm)Meyo Inv02/04
1:49.71**Alex McClary (Cal)Wilson Inv03/04
1:49.75**Abraham Mach (CMi)Meyo Inv02/04

2:19.57-Christian Smith (KsSt)Husker Inv02/04
2:21.28SmithBig 1202/25
2:21.37David Krummenacker (adi)Reeb Boston01/28
2:21.47Chris Lukezic (Reeb)Va Tech Inv01/13
2:22.14**Anthony Chiulli (Co)Big 1202/25
**5 performances by 4 performers**
2:22.70Sam Burley (Asics)Reeb Boston01/28
2:23.07***Kyle Miller (Tx)Big 1202/25
2:23.61-Tommy Manning (Gtn)Penn St Nat01/28
2:23.64Fred Sharpe (adi)Reeb Boston01/28
2:23.66*Darren Brown (Tx)Big 1202/25
2:23.71Elliott Blount (NFT)Reeb Boston01/28
2:23.73*Bobby Curtis (Vill)Penn St Nat01/28
2:23.89-Josh Madathil (Ks)Big 1202/25
2:24.35-Corey Duquette (VaInt)Armory Coll.02/03
2:24.46Derrick Peterson (adi)Reeb Boston01/28
2:24.53-Said Ahmed (Ar)Reeb Boston01/28
2:24.58**Jim Wyner (Corn)Big East-Ivy01/27
2:24.82-Tyler Raymond (Man)Valentine02/11
2:24.86***Rob Novak (SH)Big East-Ivy01/27
2:24.96**Brian McCabe (Amer)Armory Coll.02/03
2:24.97**Tim Kaijala (Penn)Heps02/26
Foreign Collegians:
2:21.54-Richard Kiplagat (Iona-Ken)Terrier Cl01/27
2:21.65*Tim Bayley (Iona-GB)Terrier Cl01/27
2:22.46**David Proctor (BU-GB)Terrier Cl01/27
2:22.80-David Rotich (IaSt-Ken)Big 1202/25
2:23.52*Pete van der Westhuizen (Nb-SA)Big 1202/25
2:23.77-Richard Jones (Prov-NZ)Terrier Cl01/27
Oversized Track:
2:23.09**Julius Rono’ (RWes-Ken)NAIA03/11
2:23.54-Tim Ramirez (Azusa)NAIA03/11
2:24.67-Landon Willets (OkB)NAIA03/11
2:24.79-Scott Overall’ (But-GB)Horizon02/26

3:39.4Bernard Lagat (Nik)Millrose02/03
3:40.97Chris Lukezic (Reeb)World Ind03/10
3:41.31Jason Lunn (Nik)Tyson Inv02/10
**5 performances by 3 performers**
3:42.53Sean O’Brien (NFT)USATF02/25
3:42.83Rob Myers (Reeb)USATF02/25
Oversized track:
3:43.08**Michael McGrath (Or)Wa LCh03/04
3:43.30Jonah Maiyo’ (Az-Ken)Wa LCh03/04

3:55.87Jason Lunn (Nik)Tyson Inv02/10
3:56.77LunnReeb Boston01/28
3:56.85Bernard Lagat (Nik)Millrose02/03
3:57.60Adam Goucher (Nik)Reeb Boston01/28
3:58.24Rob Myers (Reeb)Reeb Boston01/28
**5 performances by 4 performers**
3:58.53Chris Lukezic (Reeb)Reeb Boston01/28
3:59.00Ryan Kleimenhagen (unat)Reeb Boston01/28
3:59.65*Russell Brown (Stan)Tyson Inv02/10
4:00.14**Sam Bair (Pitt)Penn St Nat01/28
4:00.67Steve Slattery (unat)Tyson Inv02/10
4:00.73Daniel Lincoln (Nik)Ar Inv01/13
4:01.21-Said Ahmed (Ar)SEC02/26
4:01.21-Shane Stroup (Fl)SEC02/26
4:01.63***Josh McDougal (Lib)Lynchburg02/18
4:02.27Bryan Lindsay (NBal)N Bal01/21
4:02.34*Bobby Curtis (Vill)Armory Coll02/04
4:02.58-Christian Smith (KsSt)Ar Inv01/13
4:02.66**Leonel Manzano (Tx)Big 1202/25
4:02.73**Stephen Pifer (Co)Big 1202/25
4:02.72-Dan Huling (M/O)Hoosier Hills02/17
4:03.32-Garrett Heath (Stan)Tyson Coll02/10
Foreign Collegians:
3:57.40-Richard Kiplagat (Iona-Ken)Gotham Cup01/13
3:57.87**Mike Woods (Mi-Can)Reeb Boston01/28
3:58.52*Tom Lancashire (FlSt-GB)Fl Fast Times03/02
3:59.33**Max Smith (Prov-NZ)Terrier Cl01/27
4:00.56*Tim Bayley (Iona-GB)Armory Coll02/04
4:02.03**Peter Kosgei (Ar-Ken)Razorback Inv01/21
4:02.37-Josphat Boit (Ar-Ken)Razorback Inv01/21
4:02.89-Jonah Maiyo (Az-Ken)NCAA03/10
4:02.96-Dylan Wykes (Tx-Can)Armory Coll02/04
4:03.16-David Rotich (IaSt-Ken)NCAA03/10
Oversized track:
3:58.54Chris Estwanik (NFT)Wash Prev01/14
3:58.77*Kurt Benninger’ (NDm-Can)N Dame Inv01/27
3:58.84ManzanoHusky Inv02/11
3:59.05Sean O’Brien (NFT)Wash Prev01/14
3:59.18Jonathon Riley (Nik)Husky Inv02/11
3:59.25**Michael McGrath (Or)Wa LCh03/04
3:59.47***Austin Abbott (Wa)Husky Inv02/11
3:59.50-David Rotich’ (IaSt-Ken)IaSt LCh03/04
3:59.55PiferHusky Inv02/11
3:59.60SmithIaSt LCh03/04
3:59.61Elliott Blount (NFT)Wash Prev01/14
3:59.91-Jonah Maiyo’ (Az-Ken)Wa LCh03/04
4:00.18Ryan Ponsonby (unat)Husky Inv02/11
4:00.32Jason Jabaut (NFT)Husky Inv02/11
4:00.53-Scott Overall’ (But-GB)N Dame Inv01/27
4:01.01*Adam Perkins (Ar)IaSt LC 03/04
4:01.28*James Wanjiku’ (OR-Ken)IaSt LC03/04
4:01.69Nathan Robison (NBal)Husky Inv02/11
4:01.75-Ben Gregory (Wi)Husky Inv02/11
4:01.87*Pablo Solares’ (Rice-Mex)Wilson Inv03/04
4:01.97**Girts Azis’ (Wich-Lat)IaSt LC03/04
4:02.59Charlie Gruber (Nik)Jayhawk Inv01/28
4:02.69*Vincent Rono’ (SAl-Ken)Meyo Inv02/04
4:02.70James Hatch (NFT)Wash Inv01/28
4:02.85Brendon Mahoney (NFT)Husky Inv02/11
4:03.16**Anthony Chiulli (Co)Wilson Inv03/04

7:41.59Adam Goucher (Nik)Tyson Inv02/10
7:49.05Chris Lukezic (Reeb)Tyson Inv02/10
7:49.45Daniel Lincoln (Nik)Tyson Inv02/10
7:51.12Steve Slattery (Nik)Terrier Cl01/27
**5 performances by 4 performers**
7:51.88Jonathon Riley (Nik)USATF02/25
7:53.16**Josh McDougal (Lib)IC4A03/04
7:54.73*Chris Solinsky (Wi)Big 1002/25
7:55.29Luke Watson (adi)USATF02/25
7:55.43Chris Estwanik (NFT)USATF02/25
7:56.04Thomas Morgan (Zap)Terrier Cl01/27
7:56.45**Matt Debole (Gtn)Terrier Cl01/27
7:57.43Nephi Tyler (unat)Tyson Coll02/11
7:57.82Ian Dobson (adi)USATF02/25
7:58.23Kyle King (Zap)Terrier Cl01/27
7:58.66Sean Graham (NFT)USATF02/25
7:59.22-Fernando Cabada (VaInt)Armory Col02/04
7:59.25*Joe Thorne (Tx)Terrier Cl01/27
8:00.17**Jacob Gomez (Stan)Tyson Coll02/11
8:00.65-Zach Sabatino (Tn)Armory Col02/04
8:01.13***Andrew Bumbalough (Gtn)Terrier Cl01/27
Foreign Collegians:
7:49.98-Richard Kiplagat (Iona-Ken)NYU Fast Tr02/24
7:53.48*Peter Kosgei (Ar-Ken)Tyson Coll02/11
7:53.84-Josphat Boit (Ar-Ken)Tyson Coll02/11
7:54.78-Marc Rodrigues (Ar-SA)Tyson Coll02/11
7:54.92*Kevin Chelimo (TxT-Ken)Tyson Coll02/11
7:56.52**Max Smith (Prov-NZ)N Eng02/25
7:57.69*Martin Fagan (Prov-Ire)Boston02/06
7:58.55**Mike Woods (Mi-Can)Simmons Inv01/21
8:00.83-Benson Chesang (Ks-Ken)Husker Inv02/04
Oversized Track:
7:50.36EstwanikWash Inv01/28
7:50.40-Robert Cheseret’ (Az-Ken)Wash Inv01/28
7:52.27WoodsMeyo Inv02/04
7:52.28*Kurt Benninger’ (NDm-Can)Meyo Inv02/04
7:53.92Ryan Bak (BSur)Wash Inv01/28
7:54.90***Galen Rupp (Or)Wa LC03/04
7:55.26GomezMtn Pac02/25
7:56.11*Nef Araia (Stan)Mtn Pac02/25
7:56.58-Scott Overall’ (But-GB)Meyo Inv02/04
7:57.11GrahamWash Inv01/28

13:44.09-Stephen Haas (In)Tyson Coll02/10
13:49.87-Fernando Cabada (VaInt)Tyson Coll02/10
13:51.34*Chris Solinsky (Wi)Big 1002/26
13:52.81*Nef Araia (Stan)Tyson Coll02/10
**5 performances by 4 performers**
13:52.87**Josh McDougal (Lib)Lynchburg12/03
13:54.70-Billy Nelson (Co)Big 1202/24
13:56.41***Galen Rupp (Or)NCAA03/10
13:56.78-Zach Sabatino (Tn)Hoosier01/27
13:56.81*Brent Vaughn (Co)Big 1202/24
13:56.97**Sean Quigley (LaS)Terrier Cl01/27
13:57.18-Brian Olinger (OhSt)Big 1002/26
13:59.23***Dan Nunn (Gtn)Terrier Cl01/27
14:00.08*Fleet Hower (Gtn)Terrier Cl01/27
14:00.30-Bret Schoolmeester (Co)NCAA03/10
14:01.17Jason Hubbard (Brk)Valentine02/11
14:07.29**Nate Peck (GVal)Valentine02/11
14:08.65Karl Dusen (Brk)Valentine02/11
14:09.12Paul Ryan (unat)Terrier Cl01/27
14:09.42*Seth Summerside (Ar)SEC02/26
14:09.45*Tim Nelson (Wi)Big 1002/26
Foreign Collegians:
13:39.87-Richard Kiplagat (Iona-Ken)Tyson Coll02/10
13:40.63-Josphat Boit (Ar-Ken)Tyson Coll02/10
13:42.29**Nicodemus Naimadu (ACU-Ken)Tyson Coll02/10
13:46.88*Peter Kosgei (Ar-Ken)Tyson Coll02/10
13:47.72**Shawn Forrest (Ar-Aus)Tyson Coll02/10
13:53.42-Andrew Lemoncello (FlSt-GB)Tyson Coll02/10
14:01.15*Martin Fagan (Prov-Ire)Terrier Cl01/27
Oversized Track:
13:45.88SolinskyHusky Inv02/11
13:45.94OlingerHusky Inv02/11
13:46.80B. NelsonHusky Inv02/11
13:47.53James Carney (Asics)Husky Inv02/11
13:47.73-Forest Braden (Boise)Husky Inv02/11
13:48.51RuppMtn Pac02/24
13:48.52SchoolmeesterHusky Inv02/11
13:48.67VaughnHusky Inv02/11
13:48.97T. NelsonHusky Inv02/11
13:51.05***Stuart Eagon (Wi)Husky Inv02/11
13:51.50*Seth Pilkington (Web)Husky Inv02/11
13:52.44-Dan Huling (M/O)IaSt Cl02/10
13:52.65*Joe Thorne (Tx)Husky Inv02/11
13:54.03**Jeremy Mineau (Wa)Mtn Pac02/24
13:56.33-Antony Ford’ (Wi-GB)Husky Inv02/11
13:57.26Lyle Weese (BSur)Wash Prev01/14
13:57.55**Austin Ramos (UCLA)Mtn Pac02/24
13:57.85Ryan Bak (BSur)Wash Prev01/14
13:58.04*David Cheromei’ (VaInt-Ken)IaSt Cl02/10
13:58.30Fasil Bizuneh (BSur)Wash Prev01/14
13:58.54-Ryan Warrenburg (AzSt)Mtn Pac02/24
13:59.03Scott Nagelkerke (BSur)Wash Prev01/14
13:59.86*Stephen Samoei’ (UTEP-Ken)IaSt Cl02/10
14:01.10*Jim Grabow (LBSt)Mtn Pac02/24
14:03.36**Trent Hoerr (Il)Meyo Inv02/03
14:04.34*Itay Magidi’ (Clem-Isr)Meyo Inv02/03
14:04.44**Hari Mix (Stan)Mtn Pac02/24
14:04.51-Bobby Lockhart (Wi)Husky Inv02/11
14:04.66-Brett Gotcher (Stan)Mtn Pac02/24
14:04.70**Augustus Maiyo’ (Al-Ken)Meyo Inv02/03
14:05.00Josh Moen (Hans)Wilson Inv03/03
14:05.17-Tim Moore (NDm)Meyo Inv02/03
14:06.16-Dan Haut (Ia)Wilson Inv03/03
14:07.03-John Timeus (EnWa)Wa LC03/04
14:07.56***Barnabas Kirui’ (Ms-Ken)IaSt Cl02/10
14:07.76-William Macreery (Prin)Wilson Inv03/03
14:08.08**Hakon DeVries (Stan)Mtn Pac02/24
14:08.18Japheth Ng’ojoy’ (UTEP-Ken)IaSt Cl02/10
14:08.84***Abraham Kutingala’ (Al-Ken)Meyo Inv02/03

6.65Robby Hughes (unat)Groningen01/28

7.10*Aries Merritt (Tn)Gator Inv01/21
7.11David Oliver (unat)Gator Inv01/21
7.14OliverFla Inv01/15
7.20-Linnie Yarbrough (MTn)Murfreesboro01/21
**5 performances by 3 performers**
7.23(A)-Justin Wickard (UtSt)Ogden02/18
7.25**Ty Akins (Aub)SEC02/26
Lewis Edmonson (InI)Houston Opener01/14
Ryan Wilson (unat)Fresno01/16

7.43Terrence Trammell (Miz)World Ch03/11
7.51TrammellHoosier Hills02/17
Dominique Arnold (Nik)USATF02/26
*Aries Merritt (Tn)NCAA03/10
**5 performances by 3 performers**
7.52Anwar Moore (Nik)USATF02/26
7.54Joel Brown (Nik)USATF02/26
David Payne (Reeb)USATF02/26
7.56Ron Bramlett (Nik)Stuttgart02/04
7.60**Kedrieck Gibbons (Hinds)JUCO03/03
7.61David Oliver (unat)USATF02/26
7.64Antwon Hicks (adi)Millrose02/03
7.66(A)Micah Harris (NBal)Flagstaff01/21
Robby Hughes (unat)USATF02/25
-Jerome Miller (Bay)NCAA03/10
7.67Jermaine Cooper (unat)USATF02/26
-Eric Mitchum (Or)IaSt LCh03/04
7.69**Dominic Berger (Md)NCAA03/10
7.70-Unyime Akpan (StA)NCAA II03/11
Aubrey Herring (unat)Hoosier Hills02/17
7.72Dexter Faulk (unat)USATF02/26
Arend Watkins (Nik)Millrose02/03
Foreign Collegians:
7.69**Decosma Wright (Linc-Jam)NCAA II03/10

4 x 200
1:26.33New Jersey CCArmory Coll02/04
1:26.44CW PostArmory Coll02/04
1:27.79Transit Tech HS, Brooklyn, NYNat Schol03/11
1:27.99North Carolina CentralHBCU Inv02/04

4 x 400
3:01.96Tyson All-StarsTyson Inv02/11
3:03.24National TeamWorld Ch03/12
3:03.66National TeamWorld Ch 03/12
3:05.28LSUTyson Inv02/11
**5 performances by 3 teams**
3:06.32BaylorTyson Col02/10
3:07.01FloridaTyson Coll02/10
3:07.03Texas A&MTyson Coll02/10
3:07.62Texas TechTyson Coll02/10
3:07.68Arkansas AlumniAr Inv01/13
3:08.14TCUTyson Inv02/11
3:09.25Jackson StateTyson Inv02/11
3:10.01Long IslandIC4A03/05
3:10.11Delaware StateIC4A03/05
3:10.13Arizona StateTyson Inv02/11
3:10.18South CarolinaTyson Inv02/11
Oversized Track:
3:06.48UCLAIaSt Cl02/11
3:07.01KentuckyIaSt LCh03/04
3:07.29AlabamaWilson Inv03/04
Texas TechIaSt LCh03/04
3:08.23Northern IowaMeyo Inv02/04
3:08.37Arizona StateIaSt LCh03/04
3:08.47Oral RobertsIaSt Cl02/11
3:09.16Southeast MissouriIaSt LCh03/04
3:09.20Wake ForestIaSt LCh03/04
3:09.59VillanovaWilson Inv03/04

4 x 800
7:29.83Seton HallIC4A03/05
7:30.31Indiana InvadersHoosier R02/04
7:30.74Penn StateIC4A03/05
**5 performances by 5 teams**
7:33.78St. Joseph’sIC4A03/05
7:36.04ConnecticutState College02/04
Oversized Track:
7:28.84Notre DameBig East02/19
7:30.70VillanovaBig East02/19
7:33.22Virginia IntermontNAIA03/10
7:34.03ConnecticutBig East02/19
Oklahoma BaptistNAIA03/10
7:34.63Azusa PacificNAIA03/10

9:34.16ArkansasTyson Coll02/11
9:34.32StanfordTyson Coll02/11
**5 performances by 4 teams**
9:40.44Norfolk StateHBCU Inv02/04
9:40.61Notre DameNCAA03/10
9:41.04LSUArmory Coll02/03
9:43.04IllinoisRazorback Inv01/20
9:43.22Seton HallArmory Coll02/03
9:43.87FloridaTyson Coll02/11
9:45.11VirginiaArmory Coll02/03
9:45.17South AlabamaNCAA03/10
9:45.63ConnecticutBig East-Ivy01/27
9:46.31Oral RobertsRazorback Inv01/20
Oversized Track:
9:32.76WisconsinWilson Inv03/03
9:33.12VillanovaWilson Inv03/03
9:33.77BYUWilson Inv03/03
9:33.82Notre DameWilson Inv03/03
9:34.91AlabamaWilson Inv03/03
KansasWilson Inv03/03
9:35.35WashingtonWilson Inv03/03
9:36.57GeorgetownWilson Inv03/03
9:36.91South AlabamaWilson Inv03/03
9:37.13TexasWilson Inv03/03
9:37.48MinnesotaWilson Inv03/03
9:41.73VirginiaWilson Inv03/03
9:42.31CalWash Inv01/27
9:44.20Arizona StateWilson Inv03/03
9:44.93MinnesotaIa St Cl02/10
9:45.21ArizonaMtn Pac02/24
9:46.28UCLAWash Inv01/27

2.307-6½ Tora Harris (Shore) Princeton12/10
2.297-6 *Jim Dilling (MnSt) NCAA II03/11
*Keith Moffatt (More) NCAA II03/11
-Jesse Williams (USC) NCAA03/11
2.287-5¾ Moffatt Nashville01/08
*Andra Manson (Tx) Houston Op01/14
Harris Ostrava01/18
Jamie Nieto (Nik) Arnstadt02/04
**8 performances by 6 performers**
2.277-5¼ -Kyle Lancaster (KsSt) KsSt Open02/18
*Mike Morrison (Fl) SEC02/26
2.257-4½ **Dusty Jonas (Nb) Prairie Wolf02/17
Adam Shunk (Nik) Bloomington01/07
2.247-4¼ Marcus Harris (unat) Runsport AC02/11
***Scott Sellers (KsSt) Big 1202/25
2.237-3¾ *Adam Linkenauger (Clem) IaSt Cl02/11
-Aaron Plas (Nb) NCAA03/11
*Teak Wilburn (Cal) Tyson Coll02/11
2.217-3 -Robert DeVaul (Bowie) Pr Anne12/10
2.207-2½ *Will Littleton (UTPA) NCAA03/11
*David Pendergrass (BYU) Armory Coll02/04
2.197-2¼ -John Temidara (LBSt) Mtn Pac02/25
2.187-1¾ *Jim Dempsey (LHav) Kent02/18
*Adam Kring (EnMi) Akron Open02/04
-Jerome Miller (GaT) Ky Inv01/13
Eric Thompson (IlHS) Carbondale03/04
Foreign Collegians:
2.247-4¼ *Mickaël Hanany (UTEP-Fra) Conf USA02/24
2.237-3¾ -Trevor Barry (DickSt-Bah) NAIA Ind03/10
-Tomasz Smialek (Akr-Pol) Sykes-Sabock02/11
(A) **Manjula Wijesekara (USC-SrL) Albuquerque01/21
2.227-3¼ Donald Thomas (Lind-Bah) Charleston01/21
2.207-2½ -Jas Gill (Mt-Can) Husky Inv02/11

5.8519-2¼ Jeff Hartwig (Nik) Vermillion02/18
5.8019-¼ Hartwig ! Vermillion02/18
Hartwig Bad Oeyn03/04
Brad Walker (Nik) World Ch03/12
5.7518-10¼ Walker USATF02/25
**5 performances by 2 performers**
5.71(A)18-8¾ Russ Buller (Asics) Mtn T’s02/04
*Tommy Skipper (Or) Mtn Pac02/25
5.7018-8¼ Tim Mack (Nik) Tn Cl02/17
5.6518-6½ Derek Miles (Nik) Göteborg02/08
5.6018-4½ Toby Stevenson (Nik) Millrose02/03
5.5518-2½ -John Russell (Akr) NCAA03/10
5.5218-1¼ -Brian Mondschein (VaT) Sykes-Sabock02/11
5.5018-½ *Brad Gebauer (MiSt) Big 1002/25
(A) Nick Hysong (Nik) Lumberjack01/21
(A) Pat Manson (InI) AF Academy01/13
Bubba McLean (Bell) USATF02/25
(A) Daniel Ryland (Bell) PV Summit01/27
5.4717-11¼ **Keith Higham (Pitt) Akron Open02/04
5.46(A)17-11 -Derek Mackel (NM) Albuquerque01/21
5.4517-10½ **Chip Heuser (Ok) NCAA03/10
(A) Jeff Ryan (Cheet) PV Summit01/28
5.4117-9 -Ray Scotten (Nb) Big 1202/25
5.4017-8½ Adam Keul (Sky) Tyson Inv02/10
(A) Justin Norberg (Neov) PV Summit01/27
Foreign Collegians:
5.70(A)18-8¼ -Robbie Pratt (BYU-Mex) PV Summit01/28

8.2327-0 John Moffitt (TOly) Bayou Bengal01/27
8.1626-9¼ Miguel Pate (Nik) Göteborg02/08
8.1026-7 Walter Davis (Nik) Stuttgart02/04
8.0626-5½ Pate Stuttgart02/04
7.9526-1 Brian Johnson (Nik) USATF02/26
**5 performances by 4 performers**
7.9226-0 -Greig Cryer (SC) NCAA03/10
7.9125-11½ Bashir Ramzy (unat) Husky Inv02/11
7.8825-10¼ *Cody Eichmeier (NnIa) NCAA03/10
7.8725-10 *Mike Morrison (Fl) NCAA03/10
7.8625-9½ Leonidas Watson (TXO) Wash Inv01/28
7.8225-8 Joe Allen (unat) USATF02/26
Tony Allmond (Cheet) Va Tech Chal02/18
7.80(A)25-7¼ Trevell Quinley (Cheet) SW Classic02/18
7.7925-6¾ **Dexter Adams (NCSt) ACC02/24
7.7725-6 Juaune Armon (MontT) USATF02/26
7.7525-5¼ *Trey Hardee (Tx) NCAA03/10
*Kiwan Lawson (In) Tyson Coll02/10
7.7425-4¾ Bryan Clay (Nik) W Ch Hept03/11
Aarik Wilson (unat) Birmingham02/18
7.7125-3½ *Ron Hill (Tx) Armory Coll02/03
*Juan Walker (MTn) Murfreesboro01/21
Foreign Collegians:
8.1126-7¼ *Arturs Abolins (Nb-Lat) NCAA03/10
8.0426-4½ -Fabrice Lapierrre (TxAM-Aus) NCAA03/10
7.8925-10¾ ***Wilbert Walker (Linc-Jam) NCAA II03/10
7.8725-10 -Jaanus Uudmae (Ar-Est) NCAA03/10
7.7125-3½ *Jason Daley (MdES-Jam) Pr Anne12/10

17.7358-2 Walter Davis (Nik) World Ch03/12
17.4257-2 Davis ! World Ch03/12
17.1156-1¾ Davis Karlsruhe01/29
17.0956-1 Davis ! Karlsruhe01/29
Davis World Ch03/11
**5 performances by 1 performer**
16.6154-6 Aarik Wilson (unat) World Ch03/11
16.60(A)54-5½ -Rafeeq Curry (FlSt) Albuquerque01/21
16.4353-11 -Marc Kellman (GM) NCAA03/11
16.2253-2¾ -Alonzo Moore (Wi) Wisc Inv01/28
16.2153-2¼ ***Nkosinza Balumbu (Ar) NCAA03/11
16.1853-1 -Brandon Via (NCAT) VaT LCh03/04
16.0252-6¾ **Louis Brown (BCook) Niswonger01/20
15.9852-5¼ Greig Cryer (SC) VaT LCh03/04
15.86(A)52-1½ -Ryan Zimmerman (AzSt) Mtn Pac02/25
15.8351-11¼ -Samyr Laine (Harv) Tri01/28
15.8251-11 *Michael Whitehead (Mi) Sykes-Sabock02/11
15.8151-10½ *Solomon Welch (Stan) Wa LCh03/04
15.7651-8½ Mario Lowe (unat) Gator Inv01/21
15.7351-7¼ Rich Bellford (unat) Madison01/14
**Nick Brown (Il) Armory Col02/04
*Feranmi Okanlami (Stan) Wa LCh03/04
**Mark Sturgis (App) Va Tech Chal02/17
15.7251-7 **Muhammad Halim (Corn) IC4A03/05
**Dexter Jules (Man) IC4A03/05
15.7051-6¼ *Jason Bell (Clem) Va Tech Inv01/13
(A) -Ronald Carter (LBSt) NM Inv01/28
Foreign Collegians:
16.5754-4½ -Jaanus Uudmae (Ar-Est) NCAA03/11
16.4754-½ ***Wilbert Walker (Linc-Jam) NCAA II03/11
16.2153-2¼ *Yuri Litvinski (NnIa-Bul) NCAA03/11
16.1853-1 -Fabian Florant (MoSt-Dom) NCAA03/11
15.80(A)51-10 -Obed Adarkwah (NnAz-Can) Flagstaff02/11
15.7351-7¼ -Yev. Pashchenko (ACU-Ukr) NCAA II03/11
15.7251-7 *Vladislav Gorbenko (ACU-Ukr) NCAA II03/11

22.1172-6½ Reese Hoffa (NYAC) World Ch03/10
21.6571-½ Hoffa Millrose02/03
21.6170-10¾ Hoffa USATF02/25
Hoffa ! World Ch03/10
21.5470-8 Hoffa ! USATF02/25
**5 performances by 1 performer**
21.1069-2¾ Christian Cantwell (Nik) USATF02/25
20.9968-10½ Adam Nelson (unat) Reeb Boston01/28
20.9868-10 Dan Taylor (Nik) IaSt Cl02/11
20.5067-3¼ John Godina (adi) USATF02/25
20.4867-2¼ *Garrett Johnson (FlSt) NCAA03/10
20.2966-7 Steve Manz (unat) USATF02/25
20.0565-9½ Vince Mosca (unat) USATF02/25
20.0265-8¼ -Sheldon Battle (Ks) Lawrence01/20
19.8765-2¼ -Sean Shields (Az) Mtn Pac02/25
19.6664-6 Tony Thompson (unat) Radio Shack02/04
19.6564-5¾ Chris Figures (unat) Reno01/28
19.6264-4½ Jarred Rome (Nik) Nampa02/04
19.6164-4 **Russ Winger (Id) WAC02/24
19.6064-3¾ **Bryan Vickers (Ash) NCAA II03/11
19.5264-½ Jeff Chakouian (unat) Reeb Boston01/28
19.4163-8¼ *Brian Robison (Tx) Big 1202/25
19.4063-7¾ -Karl Erickson (Mn) Big 1002/25
19.3663-6¼ Ryan Whiting (unat) USATF02/25
19.2663-2¼ Rhuben Williams (unat) USATF02/25
Foreign Collegians:
19.4263-8¾ **Milan Jotanovic (Man-Yug) IC4A03/05

24.5480-6¼ Kibwe Johnson (unat) Findlay12/03
23.7477-10¾ A.G. Kruger (AshE) USATF02/24
23.7277-10 Johnson USATF02/24
23.6677-7½ Kruger Vermillion01/19
23.6477-6¾ Johnson ! USATF11/30
**5 performances by 2 performers**
23.4877-½ Jake Freeman (NYAC) USATF02/24
23.3476-7 Michael Mai (USAr) Marietta03/05
22.8975-1¼ *Cory Martin (Aub) NCAA Ind03/11
22.6574-3¾ Travis Nutter (PBay) Mtn View02/17
22.3673-4½ **Jake Dunkleberger (Aub) IaSt LCh03/04
22.0972-5¾ **Leonard Jatsek (OhSt) Wilson Inv03/03
22.0472-3¾ Arnaldo Cueto (unat) Mtn T’s02/04
21.6270-11¼ *Eric Frasure (ECar) Chapel Hill03/01
21.5070-6½ -Josh Henigman (MtSt) Mtn St G02/04
21.4470-4¼ -Mark Milleville (SnIl) Charleston02/17
21.3570-½ -Sheldon Battle (Ks) Husker Inv02/03
21.2669-9 Bryan Duby (unat) Ky Inv01/13
*Nick Owens (NC) Va Tech Chal02/17
21.2469-8¼ *Adam Schnaible (Mn) Snowshoe02/17
21.1569-4¾ -Will Moman (Doane) Prairie Wolf02/17
21.1469-4¼ *Brian Richotte (Radf) VaT LCh03/04
21.0569-¾ Jesse Doty (SyrC) Dart R01/08
21.0469-½ -Kevin Becker (WiLC) Warhawk 02/10
Foreign Collegians:
23.7377-10¼ -Spyridon Jullien (VaT-Gre) NCAA03/11
23.1976-1 **Egor Agafonov (Ks-Rus) NCAA03/11
22.9575-3½ ***Mohsen Anani (VaT-Egy) ACC02/24
22.0672-4½ -Mattias Jons (Boise-Swe) Nampa02/03

6208(A)*Trey Hardee (Tx) Zia Cl01/27
6187Bryan Clay (Nik) World Ch03/12
6048*Donovan Kilmartin (Tx) NCAA03/11
5949Ryan Harlan (unat) USATF03/05
5917*Chris Helwick (Tn) NCAA03/11
**5 performances by 5 performers**
5883Paul Terek (Asics) USATF03/05
5751Chris Boyles (unat) USATF03/05
5747Ryan Olkowski (unat) USATF03/05
5707-Darion Powell (LSU) NCAA03/11
5652-Edwin Billot (LSU) NCAA03/11
5640**Rob Arnold (Az) NCAA03/11
5619-Wiley King (Web) NCAA03/11
5603o**Joshua Kinnaman (AzSt) Mtn Pac02/25
5563**Raven Cepeda (NnIa) Mo Vly02/25
5515*Ryan Koontz (Clem) ACC02/24
5508o-Chris Randolph (SPac) Wash Inv01/28
5459(A)Will Thomas (unat) Mtn St G02/04
5452Chris Wineberg (unat) USATF03/05
5437(A)-Brandon Buteaux (UTSA) Intermtn Ch 03/04
5430oBen Haber (unat) Akron Open02/04
Foreign Collegians:
5639*Hans Uldal (Mo-Nor) Big 1202/25

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