2013 High School Leaders—Girls

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(marks received and verified by August 31, 2013)
(¶ = record performance; i = mark made indoors)


Track Events
100 11.25(A) MaryBeth Sant (Valor, Highlands Ranch, Co)
(lo-alt) 11.47 Ky Westbrook (Chandler, Az)
200 23.05 Kali Davis-White (Anderson, Ft Lauderdale, Fl)
400 51.32(A) Kadecia Baird' (Evers, Brooklyn, NY)
lo-alt 52.03 Kendall Baisden (Detroit CD, Beverly Hills, Mi)
800 1:59.51  *Mary Cain (Bronxville, NY 
1500 4:04.62  *Mary Cain (Bronxville, NY)
Mile 4:28.25i *Mary Cain (Bronxville, NY)
(out) 4:39.17 Wesley Frazier (Ravenscroft, Raleigh, NC)
2000St 6:37.52 Bethany Neeley (Eastern, Greenwood, In)
St 10:13.74 Amy-Eloise Neale' (Glacier Peak, Snohomish, Wa)
3000 9:02.10i ¶ *Mary Cain (Bronxville, NY)
(out) 9:32.08 Erin Clark (South, Eugene, Or)
2M 9:38.68 ¶ *Mary Cain (Bronxville, NY)
(out) 10:01.20+ Wesley Frazier (Ravenscroft, Raleigh, NC)
5000 15:45.46 ¶ *Mary Cain (Bronxville, NY)
100H 13.23 Kendell Williams (Kell, Marietta, Ga)
300H 41.02 Jade Miller (Great Oak, Temecula, Ca)
400H 57.21 Jade Miller (Great Oak, Temecula, Ca)
Relay Events
4 x 100 44.93 Poly, Long Beach, California
4 x 200 1:36.39 Walkefield, Raleigh, North Carolina
4 x 400 3:40.36 Columbia, Maplewood, New Jersey
4 x 800 8:56.37 Columbia, Maplewood, New Jersey
4 x 1500 19:47.13i Miller Place, New York
4 x Mile 20:02.80i South, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan
(out) 20:28.96+ Saugus, California
SpMed 3:52.07 Columbia, Maplewood, New Jersey
DisMed 11:35.98i South, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan
(out) 11:45.69 Cardozo, Oakland Gardens, New York
4 x 1H 59.91 Poly, Long Beach, California
Field Events
HJ 6-1 **Cyre Virgo (Fleetwood, Pa)
  6-1 Rachel Proteau (West, Albany, Or)
PV 14-0 Annie Rhodes (Midway, Waco, Tx)
LJ 21-0 ***Courtney Corrin (Harvard-Westlake, Studio City, Ca)
TJ 44-11 *Keturah Orji (Mount Olive, Flanders, NJ)
SP 54-8½ Maggie Ewen (St Francis, Mn)
DT 184-2 Valarie Allman (Silver Creek, Longmont, Co)
HT 192-5 Sabrina Gaitan' (Sprayberry, Marietta, Ga)
JT 176-11 Megan Glasmann (Park City, Utah)
Hept 5481 Kendell Williams (Kell, Marietta, Ga)