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April 29, 2016

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Spikes looks at old NFL rivals Michael Carter and Randall Cunningham, each of whom had a daughter win gold at the World Indoor Championships…
"How is a spectacle of this magnitude produced?" asks David Figurelli of the Daily Pennsylvanian
Alan Abrahamson wonders why the USOC is staging its 100-days-to-Rio celebration in the Big Apple instead of the City Of Angels…
"It's obvious that I'm going to get completely dusted," the decathlon star tells Reuters, but he hopes to learn a little about sprinting "by osmosis"…
The first American to break 27:00 in the 10K will step away from the big time at 31 after a series of injuries have killed his chances to try for a Rio berth…
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  • Cragg Flanagan UsaOlyT16a
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  • US Olympic Marathon Trials: Women’s Winner Amy Cragg
  • US Olympic Marathon Trials: Men’s Winner Galen Rupp
  • US Olympic Marathon Trials: Men’s Runner-up Meb Keflezighi
  • US Olympic Marathon Trials: Women’s Runner-up Desi Linden
  • US Olympic Marathon Trials: Winner Amy Cragg Greets Shalane Flanagan
  • US Olympic Marathon Trials: 1-3 Finishers Amy Cragg & Shalane Flanagan
  • US Olympic Marathon Trials: Rio-Bound Jared Ward
  • US Olympic Marathon Trials: Men’s Runner-up Meb Keflezighi Leads Winner Galen Rupp

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