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March 23, 2017

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Tom Fitzsimons has a long (1:25) audio interview with the up-and-coming U.S. vault star…
The IOC head has his quartet of vice-presidents looking into a double awarding of the '24 and '28 Games, but, notes David Owen of, each of them may have aspirations for the latter hosting…
As part of Girls Sports Month, Josh Barnett of USA Today has a chat with Rio's 100 hurdles gold medalist…
Mondo Duplantis is, of course, the first high schooler ever to reach the event's 19-foot barrier. But what about the 10-, 11-, 12-, 13-, 14-, 15-, 16-, 17- and 18-foot benchmarks?…
Ross Tucker of The Science Of Sport explains why all carbon-fiber devices should be declared illegal "for the credibility of performance"…
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  • Baker RonnieQ USind17
  • Cunningham Vashti USind17
  • Kendricks Sam1 USind17

  • Murphy ClaytonFH USind17
  • Bougard EricaLJ USind17
  • Houlihan Shelby USind17
  • Cato JaphethPV1 USind17
  • Lipsey Charlene1 USind17
  • Chelimo Paul USind17
  • Franklin Tori USind17
  • Berry GwenR1a USind17
  • Moore Darien USind17
  • Morris Sandi1a USind17
  • Carter Michelle1 USind17
  • Lyles Noah USind17
  • Carter Chris USind17

  • Akinosun MorolakeFH USind17
  • Blankenship Ben USind17
  • Sowinski ErikQ USind17

  • Kynard Erik USind17
  • USATF Indoor: 60 winner Ronnie Baker
  • USATF Indoor: high jump winner Vashti Cunningham
  • USATF Indoor: pole vault winner Sam Kendricks
  • USATF Indoor: 1000 winner Clayton Murphy
  • USATF Indoor: long jump & pentathlon winnner Erica Bougard
  • USATF Indoor: mile/2 Mile double winner Shelby Houlihan
  • USATF Indoor: heptathlon winner Japheth Cato
  • USATF Indoor: 1000 winner Charlene Lipsey
  • USATF Indoor: 2 Mile winner Paul Chelimo
  • USATF Indoor: triple jump winner Tori Franklin
  • USATF Indoor: weight throw World Record setter Gwen Berry
  • USATF Indoor: shot put winner Darien Moore
  • USATF Indoor: pole vault winner Sandi Morris
  • USATF Indoor: shot put winner Michelle Carter
  • USATF Indoor: 300 World Record setter Noah Lyles
  • USATF Indoor: triple jump winner Chris Carter
  • USATF Indoor: 60 winner Morolake Akinosun
  • USATF Indoor: mile winner Ben Blankenship
  • USATF Indoor: 600 winner Erik Sowinski
  • USATF Indoor: high jump winner Erik Kynard

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