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    But the "Invisible Man" doesn't fit because he is invisible and missing people also don't fit because they obviously have a reason for not being seen.
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    Of course, in the movie The Lady In The Lake, the private eye played by Robert Montgomery is heard but rarely seen because the movie is shot in the first person, i.e., you see the scenes as the private eye did.

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    Ann Sothern (not Southern) is DQ'd because the car she gave voice to was a character in the show, ergo not invisible, just as Mr. Ed the talking horse and Francis the talking mulewere clearly also should be eliminated!

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    Mary Tyler Moore as Sam.

    Richard Diamond Private Eye

    David Janssen

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    Dang. I was hoping the new board was going to fix this problem.

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    Obits for Robin Williams bring up another famous invisible character: Mork's boss Orson, with whom he had great dialogues.

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