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    World fertility rate by country. The US has a Total Fertility Rate of 2.0 - meaning that there is zero to negative population growth without immigration.

    Except for Africa, most countries have a TFR below 2.1, which is necessary to maintain a current population.


    World historical TFR (1950–2015) UN, medium variant, 2010 rev. [2]

    Years TFR
    1950–1955 4.95
    1955–1960 4.89
    1960–1965 4.91
    1965–1970 4.85
    1970–1975 4.45
    1975–1980 3.84
    1980–1985 3.59
    1985–1990 3.39
    1990–1995 3.04
    1995–2000 2.79
    2000–2005 2.62
    2005–2010 2.52
    2010–2015 2.36

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    GDP Growth Over the Very Long Run


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    "These 9 Maps Should Absolutely Outrage Southerners"


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    Quote Originally Posted by TN1965 View Post
    "These 9 Maps Should Absolutely Outrage Southerners"
    While I was born and bred in New England, I have lived down 'here', for over 30 years and trust me, no one down here is the least bit surprised by this information. They (OK, we . . . ) are our own worst enemies and they . . . we . . . freely admit it. It seems to be in the water down here. What I took take umbrage with is that Florida seems to the national media's whipping boy for things (chads, stand-your-ground, Trayvon, etc.) that are much worse in other states. But, here are some of my fave Florida jokes (from jokes4us)

    Q: What do a divorce in Alabama, a tornado in Kansas, and a hurricane in Florida have in common? A: Somebody's fixin' to lose them a trailer.

    Q. What's the difference between a University of Central Florida sorority sister and a scarecrow? A. One lives in a field and is stuffed with hay. The other frightens birds and small animals.

    Q: Why do Florida State grads keep their diplomas on their dashboards? A: So they can park in handicap spaces.

    Q: What's the best thing to come out of Gainesville? A: I-75

    Q: Did you hear about the power outage at the Florida State University
    library? A: Thirty students were stuck on the escalator for three hours.

    Q: Did you hear about the fire in University of Florida's football dorm that destroyed 20 books? A: The real tragedy was that 15 hadn't been colored yet.

    Q: What does the average Florida State University student get on his SAT? A: Drool.

    Q: How many Florida State University freshman does it take to change a light bulb? A: None, it's a sophomore course.

    Q: How do you make University of Florida cookies? A: Put them in a big Bowl and beat for 3 hours.

    Q: If you have a car containing a Seminoles wide receiver, a Seminoles linebacker, and a Seminoles defensive back, who is driving the car? A: The cop.

    Q: Whats the difference between the Florida Gators and cheerios? A: One belongs in a bowl. The other doesn't!

    Q. What do you get when you drive quickly through the Florida State University campus? A. An undergraduate degree.

    Q: What's the difference between an UCF football player and a dollar? A: You can get four quarters out of a dollar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TN1965 View Post
    So there's nowhere in the US where the value of money is less than Washington DC - that makes perfect sense . . .

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    Origins and Destinations of the World’s Migrants


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    6 maps explaining college football


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    The state of obesity in the USA:


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    The most affluent town in each state:


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