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Thread: eTN 30 problem

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    eTN 30 problem
    I tried to open my eTN 30 I just received, and my computer went crazy, producing an unending series of "new tab" things across the top.
    I tried rebooting, and it still did that.
    I tried other sites, and other things in my mailbox, and it was okay.
    Then I went to the Archived issue of eTN 30, and the same thing happened with the "new tab" craziness!

    Bad link?

    ADD: I thought it might be my computer, or my "file download" system.
    I tried other eTN's on the archives, and all the PDF files gave me the same "new tab" stuff.

    BUT I just viewed several eTN's a few days ago from the Archives with NO problems!

    The problem started today!
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    It worked fine for me..
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    Fine for me too.
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    No problem here either.
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    Nor here.
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    Just to inform everyone it was my fault!
    I changed something on my computer which turned off my PDF reader---or something.
    I had to call my trusty repairman to fix it.
    He got me on Adobe Reader---by using HIS computer to work on MINE!!
    That was WEIRD!!!

    Anyway, it's working, and I can now see my eTN's!!
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