I'm getting weird things happening on this website.
And it's NOT because of my computer malfunctioning, as this doesn't happen anywhere else!

Sometimes, when I come to the website, I'll get some of it blank gray space, while some of it appears normally.
For example, I'll get the title of an article in "day's best reading", but then just gray space below it.
And at the same time, the logo bars with "Message Boards, Lists, etc" will also be gray blank space, but if I click on the spot where I know MB to be, I'll get the MB!!

Then today----and I'm not sure if this falls under the same story----I've been getting only partial results page from Birmingham----as in the page showing only the junior races----then sometimes showing the whole page!!
Goes back and forth!

So....anyone else having this technical freakiness??
Like I said, this happens ONLY on T&FN website, not on any of the several other sites I visit!!